Compassionate Healthcare Providers

Each Ever Well Enclave is purposefully designed to maximize the benefits of the modern treatment community and focuses on creating the conditions necessary for true recovery. Integral to the model is compassion for human dignity and genuine regard for the person.

Ever Well’s Resources for RecoverySM include community living supports, crisis reconciliation, targeted residential treatment, and extended care recovery programs located in and around our regional enclaves.

At Ever Well we understand the complex needs of people from all walks of life, especially those who face significant mental , emotional , cognitive , or substance use issuses.
Founded to establish and grow the next generation of modern therapeutic communities to bring. Lasting Recovery in a Changing Healthcare Environment.,

Healing Community Enclave- A proprietary service model intentionally designed to create a continuum of care to improve staff and resident engagement.

Integrated Behavioral Health / Primary Care- Programs that have an identified level of medical supervision and demonstrate competency to identify and treat behavioral health concerns, such as mental illness and substance use disorders, and general medical or physical concerns in an integrated manner.

Modified Therapeutic Community- Refers to a therapeutic community whose approach to the treatment adapts the principles and methods of the therapeutic community to the circumstances of the COD client.

The mission of Ever Well is to establish and grow the next generation of modern therapeutic treatment communities to serve people from all walks of life that have or may face significant mental, emotional, or substance use issues. Our integrated healthcare system of facilities, programs, and providers set the most effective, mindful, and dignified standard for behavioral healthcare. We lead the way towards optimal health and wellness.