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Who We Are

Our team develops talented people who represent the diverse population of residents we serve as well as the community around us.

The way our organization thinks about and contributes to the resident experience supports wellness in the community. We are committed to innovation and training people to serve adults and older adults experiencing severe and persistent mental illness.

By developing initiatives to focus on the needs, expectations and lives of our Ever Well Family, we continuously work to create and improve the community environment so that all employees contribute and grow to their fullest potential.

Regional Operations

Our Regional Operations enable Ever Well to accurately determine, match and transition residents to compatible accommodations, necessary level of service, and optimal treatment duration to maximize outcomes. Our team leaders act as coaches and conductors within our company and our regions. We take great pride in finding and enhancing leaders who mentor and build a nurturing array of integrated mental health providers who are responsive, friendly and caring. 

Medications Services

Our Medication Services staff assist residents with routine and PRN medications and are trained to assist them in the self-administering of prescribed medications. Our medication rooms provide ample opportunity to develop the necessary knowledge and skills to handle and centrally store a wide array of medications.

Behavioral Health Services

Our Behavioral Health program staff provide individual and milieu supports using supportive person-first language. Staff promote optimum mental, physical and emotional health. They help residents identify behavioral triggers, improve family involvement; reduce anxiety and stress; develop self-esteem. The Behavioral Health team assists and addresses resident concerns associated with aging, developmental or cognitive disability, substance use and mental health.

Nursing Services

Our Nursing Services leader and coordinate targeted medication management and psychiatric rehabilitation services to individuals with severe and persistent mental illness. Utilizing medical knowledge and clinical judgment, our nurses assure the quality, timeliness and appropriateness of medication prescribed to our residents. These professionals routinely coordinate care with an array of providers across our clinical integrated network.

Residential Services

Our Residential Services staff care for and supervise our residents to promote optimum mental, physical and emotional health. Staff make a commitment to provide effective care, thoughtful supervision and empathetic direction for our adult and older adult residents.

Nutrition Services

Our Nutrition Services staff plan and execute menus designed to promote health and wellness as well as encourage residents to enjoy a dining experience. Staff select and prepare a variety of fresh produce, dairy and meat selections focused on seasonal home made meals. Staff are invited to provide direct education and training to residents in meal preparation activities to enhance and promote independent living skills.

To help all employees contribute and grow to their fullest potential, we are adding new and exciting benefits and events each quarter.

We have implemented a handful of fun and empowering initiatives in 2021, such as attendance rewards, and a robust career training program.