All-Inclusive Mental Healthcare by Ever Well Health

Based in Pismo Beach, CA, Ever Well Health provides comprehensive primary and senior care for patients with mental health conditions. Our integrated healthcare model includes food, housing, and round-the-clock care supervision for residents.

Our Mission

The mission of Ever Well Health is to establish and grow the next generation of modern treatment communities to serve people from all walks of life who have significant mental, emotional, or substance use issues. Our integrated healthcare system of facilities, programs, and providers set the most effective, mindful, and dignified standard of behavioral healthcare. We lead the way toward optimal health and wellness.

Programs and Services

Ever Well’s resources for recovery include community living support, crisis reconciliation, targeted residential treatment, and extended care recovery programs that are located within and around our regional enclaves.


Our facilities are strategically arranged to maximize the benefits of the modern treatment community. Compassion and design that celebrates human multiplicity and dignity are integral to each campus.

Join Our Team

For more than seven years, we have been continuously maintaining contained and secure healthcare facilities and utilizing quality treatment programs. Our members are highly trained and dedicated to caring for our patients.

Be part of a growing team of committed individuals in integrated care. If you want to learn more about our job opportunities and employee benefits, contact us today.

Our Commitment

Ever Well Health aims to establish an integrated healthcare system of contained, delayed-egress, and secure facilities as well as develop innovative treatment programs. We promote a holistic care model that provides a full array of residential healthcare.

Our team takes pride in the importance of what we do, so we encourage more people to work with us as mental healthcare professionals. Employee applicants can visit any of our locations to complete the application for screening and schedule a potential interview. Get in touch with us for the next steps.